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Forza Motorsport: Preview of a beefy classic

There has been a very long period in which the saga of Gran Turismo, it represented a real unicuum, at least on consoles. An absolutely unattainable game that did not need rivals to improve itself more and more. The arrival of the fourth chapter, of the legendary Gran Turismo 4, unquestionably marked a peak still unattainable for the saga. Let’s be clear, it wasn’t the only driving game of the time, but Gran Turismo 4 it was more, it was the reason the boys bought PlayStation 2.

A few months later, in the same and distant 2005, the situation changed and a worthy rival for the Sony series arrived: Forza Motorsport. It took 3 chapters to establish itself in the general public, but in 2009 that great third chapter with a Ferrari 458 on the cover marked the emergence of a rivalry that today is renewed once again. Now the details of this non-eighth chapter are relatively few but let’s start analyzing the trailer to understand what to expect

Where were we?

Forza Motorsport 7despite the reviews that were not, in 2017, overall negative, today it is not remembered with pleasurecertainly not how much Gran Turismo Sport. Fans of the racing game still complain more than anything else about the lack of real progression, both in single and multiplayer mode. These are not the only flaws that chats and forums are full of, but surely this is the first one that is mentioned.

The first criticism we could level at Microsoft is that it didn’t show any updates from that point of view. At the same time, however, the two trailers shown are not just. Let’s start from“Official Trailer” which is closer to a fan service video than a promotional montage.

Lots of graphics, lots of beauty but little substance for this Forza Motorsport

However, what catches the eye is a small writing at the bottom left: All in-game 4K footage which is certainly impressive. The graphic impact, the details on the machines, the widespread ray-tracing and the surrounding elements represent a real generational leapeven more than that flawless Forza Horizon 5, at least on appearances. To date, a comparison with the new would not be fair Gran Turismo 7, but there will be plenty of time for these analyzes.

The second trailer, even it is not a real gameplay but continues on the vein of the technical explanation. We analyze the novelties, certainly of great importance, such as the surrounding details, all three-dimensional (except the public, probably) or the atmospheric and chronological time that affect the guide from both a visual and a game point of view.

Later the trailer is fossilized on the ray tracing in all other elements of the game: the reflection of the light on the internal parts of the cars, the reflection of the cars on the bodywork of the other cars but, above all, the promise of extremely realistic damage on the cars, individually and specifically processed on the bodywork.

We are therefore very excited about everything that has been seen. The fire is lit and the embers are burning but what is missing is the meat. We have no details on the modes, gameplay and online possibilities. We have seen so many cars including what appear to be the Porsche 919 Hybrid winning Le Mans in 2017 and the Ferrari 250 TR25 / 60 winning Le Mans in 1960. They stand out because both brands are expected to return to the legendary 24 hours. in 2023, in the same period as the 91st edition.

Just as the 24 of Le Mans will be reborn in 2023 with many new manufacturers entering the Hypercar class, the Microsoft saga will also return not with the eighth chapter but with what appears to be a sort of reboot. The fates of the two races therefore seem inextricably linked but as we don’t know if anyone will succeed in unseating Toyota, we don’t know what the new game will hold.

In short the new title has an enviable expectationcertainly second only to Starfield, for the moment. Unfortunately, the information can be counted on the dropper and, besides the graphic aspect, we know absolutely nothing. We know that it will arrive in the spring of 2023, which will be available from day one on the Game Pass both on PC and on Console and in the Cloud. We look forward to more information so keep following us on our site and on our social channels.