Potion Permit, the review (Nintendo Switch)

An ever wider panorama of simulation or farming-style titles also comes Potion Permittitle developed by MassHive Media and published by PQube. To get noticed in the midst of many similar titles, Potion Permit offers us to take on the role of a pharmacist which, in addition to procuring all ingredients necessary for the creation of potions, will also have to visit and cure the inhabitants of the village.

The title looks very good, with an accurate and colorful pixel art graphicswhich manages to give a touch of personality both to the village and to almost all its inhabitants, who for the record will be in their thirties. To grab the player’s attention, this title features a plot which, even without being striking or very engaging, succeeds to intrigue on upcoming events.

Potion Permit, Moonbury needs us

The story offered by the title of MassHive Media, sees us take on the role of a pharmacist in the capitalof which we can choose gender and a few other visual details in the small initial editor. Accompanied by one of our mentors on the train to Moonbury, we will be told that in addition to helping citizens, our task will be to re-establish relations between the small town and the capital.

In fact, upon our arrival we will not be welcomed in a positive way by any citizen, except for the mayor and his wife, who are also responsible for being those who have requested a pharmacist from the capital. The motivation is very simple: their daughter was seized by an illness that no other doctor has been able to cure.

Obviously we will not be just any doctor and we will be able to find a cure for the young woman, an event that will open, even if slightly, the citizens of Moonbury towards the pharmacist. From here our adventure in Potion Permitbetween one visit and another, favors to citizens and increasing consensus (hopefully), which will ensure that the inhabitants tell us more and more details on the history and above all on the accident that took place between the city and the capital.

Potion Permit

A little innovation

Potion Permit keeps all classic elements of the genre to which it belongs: we will have to get to know the citizens and fasten relationships more and more solid with them through chatter or gifts, to fix ours home / studio, the clinic, collect the ingredients and fight some creatures, but it also adds the pharmacist componentin which we will have to visit patients to understand the most suitable medicine for their malaisecreate it and cure the unfortunate person on duty.

If in the first sections the mechanics are similar to many other titles, that is, use the right tool to collect the desired material, collect resources to improve buildings and tools, in the pharmacist ones we are faced with something different.

Each patient will tell us where he feels discomfort or pain, and once the spot on his body has been identified, we will be called to understand what malaise it is through the resolution of a mini gamesuch as repeating a sequence of keys or following the rhythm by pressing others.

Once we understand which medicine we need, we will go to our studio to create it, provided we have all the ingredients necessary, otherwise it will be necessary to go to the places adjacent to the town to recover them.

Potion Permit
The Tetris-like minigame to create medicines

Potions will be created via a minigame that he remembers in all respects Tetris. Each medicine will have its own form to be filled with ingredients, which in turn will have a shape taken from the famous puzzle game. Adding some complexity to the creation will be done by the limited slots (but augmentable) for the ingredients, and the factor that each ingredient will be linked to an element. The advanced recipes will only allow the use of some elements over others.

Some medicines in fact, they will be able to give us a hard time to be created, especially in the recipes for the passage of the degree from pharmacist or in the advanced stages of the game, but in the end everything turns out to be fun and satisfying.

Potion Permit

A technical pharmacist

Potion Permit looks really good graphically, and for lovers of pixel art, this title will offer a really good level of detail both of the characters and of the various biomes, quite diversified from each other. In reverse the sound sector is somewhat anonymousbut the background music decently accompany our life in the new city.

In terms of gameplay, ultimately Potion Permit turns out to be simple, with a superficial combat system, in which we just need to dodge the enemy attack and bludgeon it to get the better of it and obtain ingredients. The fact that the enemies have only one attack pattern it does not help to improve the situation. Also noteworthy is the lack of a button to run, a factor that brings the game to slow but acceptable rhythms, making the player immerse even more in the times of the Moonbury.

Funny the factor of having several added minigames and many secondary activities, such as fishing and part-time jobs, which help keep the pace of play high and avoid heavy repetition.