Pokémon GO presents the GO Season, coming this summer

Pokémon GO is preparing to say goodbye to the Season dedicated to Alola, which lasted from February to May 2022, to make way for an absolute novelty, the GO seasoncoming in the coming months and which will reserve several surprises for players.

Niantic’s application has come to sixth anniversary and, this time, the celebrations will turn to the game itself. GO Season will take place from 1 June 2022 to 1 September 2022at 10:00 (Italian time). June 4th and 5thas usual, the most anticipated event of the year will be held: the Pokémon GO Fest. From 10:00 to 18:00, participants who have purchased the ticket, at the price of 14.99 USD, will be able to take part in the celebrations for the birthday of Pokémon GO in Berlin, Seattle and Sapporothree cities that have reopened their doors to the event following the pandemic.

Many minor events will be held during the 3 months of the GO Season, and players will be able to unlock new missions, capture exclusive Pokémon and work together to achieve specific objectives with other Trainers. From 1 June the Candies L will be available to all who will have reached level 31inaugurating the new season with a bang.

Community days will be held on June 25, July 17 and August 13 which for years have been accompanying the Trainers on a monthly basis. The identities of the protagonists of these 3 events are not yet known but, during the days, there will be several bonuses and a specific Pokémon can be captured en masse, even in a chromatic version.

Legends known to all players will return in 5-star raids, giving those who have recently started playing the opportunity to try and catch them. It is about Mewtwo, Kyogre and Groudon. In addition, the GO Battle League Season 11. During the GO Season, the Pokémon that can be encountered will also change significantly in the wildthose that will hatch from eggs (from 2 km up to 10 km), and they will be present seasonal bonuses.