Pokémon GO, a new collaboration with Amazon!

Pokémon GO is a mobile title that from the moment of its release to today has recorded impressive numbers, to say the least, between active players and earnings in terms of microtransactions. On top of the most profitable apps of the various stores in which it is available, Niantic’s work does not stop only in adding new content to the mobile title of Pocket Monsters.

A very important weapon is undoubtedly the collaboration with other brands or with other brands: this is where the collaboration between Pokémon GO and Amazon! A partnership destined to consolidate and retain customers of both teams thanks to totally free offers that will surely make the players of the mobile title happy.

Pokémon GO and Amazon: what are the advantages of this collaboration?

In view of the upcoming events available, Niantic has partnered with Amazon in order to bring even more advantages to its coaches, perhaps in view of the Pokémon GO Fest 2022. Each coach who proves to be an Amazon Prime customer will receive totally free and exclusive benefits, enclosed in gift packages to be redeemed in view of various celebrations.

The first gift pack was made available on May 19th, comprising the following items:

  • 30 Pokéballs;
  • 5 Revitalizers Max.;
  • 1 Piece star.

A collaboration that will certainly please all coaches: Amazon is an operational reality in almost all countries of the world, which is counting a number of subscribers to its Prime service in constant growth. Hence the opportunity of a collaboration that can favor in a certain way the coaches customers of the Amazon Prime service, currently offering a gift package with the tools listed above, providing for the near future further offers that will expand the already dense network. occasions that usually occur to the coaches of the Niantic mobile game.

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