PlayStation VR2, the presentation event may be imminent

Fans eagerly await that Sony Interactive Entertainment can finally reveal a lot of information on the PlayStation VR2the new virtual reality viewer of the Japanese giant that we remember will arrive on the market all over the world in the coming months, taking on the task of bringing the Virtual reality also on PlayStation 5.

And while the public is waiting for the Japanese company to break the delay and announce the new event dedicated to the viewer, in these hours intervened Jeff Grubba VentureBeat journalist and well-known insider, who said he heard from various of his sources that there could be important news about it soon.

Sony may soon introduce the PlayStation VR2

The good Grubb in fact, he took the opportunity represented by the last episode of the podcast Grubbsnaxto reveal that some indiscretions that they want are starting to follow one another in the environment Sony Interactive Entertainment be ready to announce “very early” many new details regarding the PlayStation VR2.

And given these indiscretions launched by the insider it is legitimate to think of a sort of State of Play or even one Shawcase entirely dedicated to the new PS VR2a digital event that could be staged as early as the upcoming month of June 2022.

Before leaving, we remind you to take these rumors with due caution pending official communications from Sonywhich shouldn’t be too late at this point.

And waiting for the company from the Land of the Rising Sun to spill the beans on PS VR2we remind you that according to some rumors that emerged on the net in recent days, the new viewer for the Virtual reality is expected to be released on the worldwide market during the first few months of 2023.