PlayStation VR2 – The first official sales figures are impressive

Sony has published the first official sales figures for PlayStation VR2 after having to put some pressure on the manufacturer to finally come out with it. It seems that the desired sales targets have been missed, but it is more successful than with the original PS VR.

On yesterday Business segment meeting one presents in clear graphics that PlayStation VR2 around the world the 600,000 times was sold. The original PS VR had sold just over 500,000 units at that point. Sony continues to speak of a “strong launch” of the headset.

The data covers a period up to the beginning of April, so that the first million appears quite realistic in the coming weeks. Finally, PlayStation VR2 is now also available in regular stores and thus shows significantly more presence.

PlayStation VR2 Sales Numbers / Sony

Sony’s PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan recently said:

“PS VR2 has just been launched and we are delighted with the positive response from users and the media. I’ve just listed some of the compatible titles, but more than 40 titles have been released around the PS VR2 release. Additionally, there are still many titles ahead of us in 2023 and beyond. We will continue to work to ensure that PS VR2 buyers enjoy it for a long time and that we can also secure profits.”


Upcoming PS VR2 game highlights

At the same time, Sony points to PlayStation VR2’s upcoming and already available gaming highlights, which include titles such as Synapse, Behemoth Resident Evil 4, Beat Saber, Green Hell VR, Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord or The Foglands. Some of these can be described as premium experiences that are tailored directly to the new headset.

What PlayStation VR2 will offer aside from the titles mentioned above, you might find out at today’s PlayStation Showcase, where PS VR2 will also play a role. You can follow this from 10 p.m. here with us.

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