PlayStation Plus won’t be offering AAA games on day one, it’s official

at GI Live: London, one of England’s premier Indie gaming conferences, Shuhei Yoshidathe head of PlayStation’s Indie department, said the Sony intends to distance itself from the Microsoft model for what concern its subscription service. Yes, because the PS plus, in particular the Extra one, it won’t do like Game Pass, which tends to place games on the service directly at launch.

Before the renewal, the PS Plus system also provided access to several games for free, but it seems that things will change, or so Shuhei implied in his speech:

The new PS Plus has several grades and is basically like the old PS Plus, we will still be releasing 2 or 3 games per month, and thanks to the new level, Extra, there will be a catalog of hundreds of games for people to play. With Extra, our approach leads us to help developers keep a game alive. I was in charge of First-Party titles [per PlayStation] so i know that like for movies […] a film arrives first in the cinema, and then on television or on a paid streaming platform, generating new revenues and reaching more audiences.

It therefore seems that the idea is precisely that of help keep a game alive, bringing it back to the market thanks to a service that allows him to be played even after a long time from the release. We can therefore be sure that, for the most important titles, many games will not be placed on the PS Plus for at least a few months after their release.