PlayStation Plus, the upgrade is more expensive for those who have taken advantage of the discounts, confirms Sony

The Japanese giant has confirmed the rumors launched by fans.

These days we are chatting and not a little about the “new” PlayStation Pluslaunched in much of theAsia a couple of days ago and ready to land in the rest of the world during the upcoming month of June 2022. And among the most talked about and discussed information on the web we can only find the price to pay to make the upgrade to the new tier.

In fact, as we promptly reported to you yesterday, not a few fans immediately reported a rather strange and decidedly unexpected fact: at the time of paying to become a user Extra And Premiumhere is that players were required to pay not only the normal amount required for the passage, but also the amount saved at the time of signing the Plus base through dedicated discounts.

Sony has confirmed that the upgrade is more expensive for those who have subscribed to the PlayStation Plus taking advantage of the discounts

Basically then, some users who wanted to switch to the new tier Premium of the PlayStation Plusnot only the 60 Euros necessary to achieve the aggregates 120 Euros of the annual subscription of the maximum level, but also i 20 euro saved in recent months when you subscribed to the basic plan Plus through dedicated discounts, reaching accordingly 80 Euros to pay.

And after the many reports of Asian users, in these hours Sony Interactive Entertainment confirmed what we have just reported in this article:

Thank you for contacting PlayStation Support and checking the price of your PlayStation Plus subscription. Since you purchased the Plus at a discounted price at the time of subscription, there are two PlayStation Plus subscriptions that cannot take advantage of any other discounts:

  1. PlayStation Plus subscription purchased at a discount.
  2. PlayStation Plus subscription redeemed with redemption code.
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