PlayStation Plus, the games are less than 400 and the fans attack Sony

Sony has counted a few titles on the list several times.

The launch of the new Tier Extra And Premium of the PlayStation Plus in that ofAsiahas allowed fans to become aware of a whole series of information remained up to that moment shrouded in mystery, such as the current line up of games available in the service in the Asian territories or even of the discussed and not properly appreciated management upgrade at the highest subscription levels.

And just as far as the games currently available in the tiers are concerned Extra And Premiumfans have begun to express a certain bad mood on the net for a simple and clear fact: Sony Interactive Entertainment was unclear about the real number of the titles that can be found at the time of writing this article within the subscription service.

The new PlayStation Plus has ended up at the center of a new criticism

This is because it actually plays for PlayStation 4 And PlayStation 5 included in the new PlayStation Plus they are not actually 400 but less. And this is because some titles offered by the service are in some cases counted several times, calculating the various editions of the same project as different games, in addition to the editions PS4 And PS5.

Effectively by taking a look at the games that are currently included in the subscription Plus Extra And Deluxe it is possible to notice for example that Assassin’s Creed Valhalla was counted several times, taking into account both the version PS4 than of that PS5which also happens with some backward compatible titles such as Ape Escape for PS1which are counted twice, once for the PS4 version and the other for the PS5.

However, we need to specify how Sony in citing the number of games available in the new PlayStation Plus has taken care to insert “up to 400 games“, This passage which obviously indicates how the titles present in the service can be lower than this figure.
In addition, the Japanese giant has specified how the games currently available in the service are provisional, with the number that will be enriched in the coming weeks:

These games are now available to play as part of the PlayStation Plus Asia launch. More titles will be added soon, along with lists of catalog games available in each country / region with the launch of PlayStation Plus“.