PlayStation Plus, PS3 games will not include DLC

Today Sony Interactive Entertainment released the new PlayStation Plus in the Asian market, this is a precious opportunity to share a whole series of important information regarding the three new subscription tiers. Click on the following link to find out all the news about it!

And among the information that emerged online during this hot day of May 24, 2022, we point out that not a few of the backward compatible games included in the new subscription levels of the PlayStation Plus they will not allow fans to be able to enjoy the DLC dedicated.

Going into the specifics of the question, among these we find for example Asura’s Wrath, which had several episodes that were released for the game and even featured a crossover DLC with Street Fighter. Also here is also present Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2which featured four downloadable content packs, such as the Revelations DLC which allows players to play as Alucard.

PS3 games included in the PlayStation Plus Premium tier will not support DLC

The title also received two other cosmetic packs and a new power as Paid Additional Content. The list then sees this Crash Commando and his DLC pack called Heist Map Pack which also brought new trophies.

We then conclude this article by informing you that subscribers to the new PlayStation Plus they will not be able to play the DLCs of either Enslaved: Odyssey to the Westsuch as the single player one called Pigsy’s Perfect 10, or those dedicated to Lost Planet 2 and covering a whole series of maps and a Monster Hunter crossover armor.

A DLC was also released which saw players battle Helghast from the Killzone franchise. Is MotorStorm Apocalypse that MotorStorm RC they both received DLC packs that were mostly new cars and tracks, and neither of which will be accessible as part of PlayStation Plus Premium.

Finally, the Brutality Pack’s DLC will also be inaccessible Resistance 3 which included new character skins, a survival mode, and seven new Mastodon music tracks.