PlayStation Plus: PS1 games would be in 50 Hz version

As is well known, to see the new arrive PlayStation Plus even on our shores we will have to wait about a month. Sony’s renewed service is though already available in some Asian markets, who in the last few hours have done their utmost to experiment with the offer put on the table by the Japanese company. Some players have also decided to take a dip in the past, revisiting the classics of the past; soon, however, they realized that the version of these titles included is that a 50 Hz.

Our more veteran readers will remember well the times of the distinction between PAL And NTSC, respectively European and American formats characterized in particular by different refresh rates: 50 Hz and 60 Hz, respectively. Generally, between the two formats that NTSC is considered superior; and indeed, as reported by VGCthe PAL version of Ape Escape on PlayStation Plus runs a 25 fps instead of the 30 of the NTSC version. It is worth pointing out how some time ago Sony had stated that some games belonging to the Classic category would have achieved improved frame rates compared to the original versions. We will see how the situation evolves as the new PlayStation Plus arrives in other markets.

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