PlayStation Plus, is the upgrade more expensive for those who have subscribed using the discounts?

The upgrade to the more expensive levels of the service is causing a lot of criticism from fans.

The launch in Asia of the new PlayStation Plus is bringing out some rather interesting and worthy of attention information on the net, where among these it is impossible not to report the testimonies of some players who describe a upgrade management to the various tiers of the service which was decidedly not very positive on the part of Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Going into the specifics of the matter, in fact, some users had to deal with a bad surprise when they had to pay the upgrade at the level Premium of the new Plus. And this for two specific reasons: purchased subscriptions at a discounted price in recent months and the duration of your subscription plan!

Well, according to numerous reports published by some Asian players on the famous forum of ResetErawho has decided to subscribe to the PlayStation Plus for several consecutive years, he now finds himself having to deal with a decidedly annoying limit when deciding to upgrade from the tier Essential to a higher one like theExtra and the Premium.

The upgrade to the new PlayStation Plus tiers is sparking a lot of controversy online

Returning to the first of the problems that emerged on the net thanks to the launch in Asia, when it was decided to move to a higher level than the new one PlayStation Plusthe PlayStation Store asks users who have subscribed to the service using discounts dedicated to pay a higher price than what they would normally have to pay.

In summary, in fact, giving you a convenient example, if you have subscribed to the Plus paying 40 Eurosinstead of 60 of the full price, by upgrading to one of the next two plans, you do not have to pay only the money normally required for the changeover, 40 Euros extra for the plan Extra (which costs 100 Euros per year), and 60 Euros for the plan Premium (which costs 120 Euros per year), but it is also necessary to pay the 20 euro saved when you subscribed to the service some time ago by taking advantage of one dedicated promotion.

The second problem, on the other hand, which emerged previously of the Official FAQis directly related to whether upgrades are necessarily applied for what a all the remaining period of the subscription to PlayStation Plus active. An example? Who has subscribed in the past 3 years of subscription to Pluscarrying out the upgrade at subsequent tiers it is necessary to do it for all e three years of your subscription, obviously spending the amount required for the passage at once.

At this point we just have to wait and see if things change when the new ones are launched tier of the Plus also in Europeduring June 23, 2022.