PlayStation Plus: Games would be less than expected, and Asian users are infuriated

The new PlayStation Plus offering has finally made its debut in most Asian countries – with the exception of Japan – but many users would not be very happy with the service. The problem? The lack of promised PS1, PSP and PS2 games.

The complaints obviously also arrived in the social profiles of the Japanese company, inundated with messages from users who are decidedly unhappy with the offer of the new PlayStation Plus.
Main issue disputed is the lack of many previously announced titles in the “backward compatibility” section for consoles like PlayStation 1, PSP, and PS2; but unfortunately the problems do not end here!

Many users would also be complaining about the quality of the emulationdecidedly poor, lacking many useful options, and based on PAL titles at 50hz!
In short, an offer dedicated to the most prestigious plans such as the “Deluxe” or the “Premium” decidedly sparseboth in quantity and in quality, it would seem!


Criticism also flounders regarding the library of PlayStation 4 and 5 titles, where there would appear to be multiple duplicate games (caused by the various old and next-gen versions, as well as by languages) accomplices of fraudulently inflating the number of securities!

Not the best of the hoped-for launchesso, caused by a lack of transparency in communication by Sonyand a “laziness” regarding some very important technical aspects of the offer.
We hope PlayStation decides to take user criticism to heartimproving the improvable too in view of the anticipation of the launch in Europe, America and Japan!

Meanwhile, the Japanese company confirms a problem regarding the registration of the new PlayStation Plus through the use of subscriptions purchased at a discount. A refund is coming for all users involved!