PlayStation, more live service games than single player games will be produced by 2025

In addition, two live services are on the way by the end of the current fiscal year.

During this night Jim Ryanthe CEO from Sony Interactive Entertainmentbecame the protagonist of a new question and answer session with investors, where he shared a whole series of information dedicated to the entire division PlayStationwhere among these it is impossible not to point out the increasing importance that the live service productions over the next few years.

The CEO he then declared how in that of the Japanese company they plan to increase exponentially the investments around i games servicesexplaining how during thefiscal year 2019 Sony invested the88% of its resources in the production of titles single playerwith just the 12% invested in securities live service.

Instead in the year tax 2022 the colossus of the Land of the Rising Sun hit the 51% of their resources on console single player titles PlayStation and the 49% on those live service. Obviously, the vast majority of these latest productions are still totally shrouded in mystery, with the announcement of some of them that could reach the net already in the next Showcase (scheduled perhaps in September 2022).

Sony will increasingly invest in PlayStation live service production

The good Jim Ryan he then stated as within the fiscal year 2025, Sony Interactive Entertainment will invest the 55% of resources on the production of games and services, while the remainder 45% it will be invested in the production of securities single player.

Despite these data, however, the CEO from PlayStation confirmed that investments for production will also grow single playerobviously without specifying whether more titles will be produced in single player or games will be made even better.

Also within the fiscal year 2025 it will pass with the only live service title currently available on the market, specifically The Show 2022well twelve games of this type.

Finally the CEO of PlayStation confirmed that within this fiscal year, a period up to March 31, 2023will be released on the market two live service titleswith fans immediately thinking that one of them is none other than Factions of The Last of Us.