PlayStation, is a new portable console coming?

According to a rumor, PlayStation would be in the works on a new portable console

PlayStation placed on the market PlayStation Portable in the far 2005 (2004 in Japan) which managed to be the first real competitor of the Nintendo DS which in those years was dominating the portable console market. Subsequently, PlayStation decided to put on the market PS Vita, which, however, did not have the hoped-for success. After seventeen years from PS Portable and eleven from PS Vitathe company headed by Jim Ryanwould be ready to market a new portable console, perhaps to counter Nintendo Switch.

According to a rumor, in fact, the Japanese giant is working on the development of a portable console after the missed opportunity of its latest portable console. The youtuber RedGamingTech in fact stated that the project would already be in development and would receive a redesign phase.

Is PlayStation ready to try again with a portable console?

It has been a while since rumors of the possibility of a return of PS Portable, but as often happens when it comes to mere rumors, the rumors have ceased to circulate. Now, however, the rumors have returned to circulate, in conjunction with those that they would also see in the works PlayStation 5 Pro.

The words of the youtuber RedGamingTech in this regard were the following:

“I have heard that Sony is working on a new handheld console. It is difficult to say if these projects will see the light or will be canceled. As far as I know, the handheld has already gone through at least one redesign in the early stages of development. “

If the console is ever released it would mean that Sony do you believe that the portable console sector can still bring earnings to the Japanese company, despite the not-so-good results obtained with PS Vita. Indeed, be it Nintendo Switch that Steam Deck are demonstrating how this sector can give satisfactions, the important thing is to know how to choose the type of offer to offer to its customers.