PlayStation focuses on the PC market and reveals the sales of the ports

Through a official document and at the hands of Jim Ryan, CEO Playstationthe Sony has revealed the sales of its PC ports. From what can be seen in this documentation, Sony would have very specific plans for its future starting from the platforms on which it intends to pour its attention, but let’s proceed in order.

Some time ago we talked about it in this article in which Sony was looking for a professional figure responsible for the development and coordination of PlayStation experiences on PCand according to what has been released by this official documentation, everything seems to take on ever more concrete forms.

First of all, through a page of the document it is possible to verify how much the Sony is interested in targeting the PC market, not only focusing on that but also turning its gaze to the mobile market. It is also possible to see that PC sales have grown exponentially.

It goes from 35 million dollars in 2020, up to more than 300 million dollars in fiscal year 2022, so there would be good reasons if Sony has decided to focus on the PC market as the next target to attack. To give an example, we can take the excellent porting to PC that was made of God of War.

Although the title saw the light in 2018 on the previous generation (in fact it came out for PlayStation 4) it was in any case in great dust on PC, really showing a noteworthy quality, and which we have also talked about in this review.

But it wasn’t just that port that convinced Sony to also dedicate itself to a platform beyond its own world, even Days Gone for PC (of which you can read our review at this link) received a good consensus from the public, so it is not surprising that PlayStation wants to appear on this platform.