PlayStation and Xbox: mid-gen by 2024?

PlayStation and Xbox are the trademarks related to the two next-gen consoles currently available on the market. PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S they are machines very much appreciated by both specialized critics and users (and the sales confirm this).

Great performance and great video games have distinguished the consoles, although the current generation has struggled to mesh due to the semiconductor crises and the need to offer cross-gen video games.

Now the rumors are raising doubts in this regard. May it be wait for mid-gen hardware updates?

semiconductor crisis

PlayStation and Xbox: mid-gen in 2024?

Many users are raising doubts and perplexities about this eventualityhighlighting the fact that current consoles aren’t all that popular due to the aforementioned problems and that, in fact, the services offered are still very appreciable, also because in fact they have not yet been fully exploited.

PlayStation 5

However, it seems that the thing is quite well founded, during a company meeting the hardware company called TCL Technology stated that “pro” versions of PlayStation and Xbox would be arriving by 2023/2024.

The question we are all asking ourselves is only one: is there really a need for these new consoles? There is no correct answer but the reflections that may follow are very ambivalent.


The performance target for these machines should be as follows:2160p and 60/120 FPS in renderwith however a output up to 8K and 60/120 FPS. While the GPU which will support this will be the RX7700XT.

Before leaving it must be said that that of TCL could only be an internal forecast of the company that does not arise from actual confirmations of PlayStation And Xbox. A sense to this rumor could give it the confirmation that these eventual new consoles can solve the current production problems.

We look forward to further news.