PlayStation 5 is still nowhere to be found, Sony explains when stocks will return to full capacity

PlayStation 5 does not yet have all the stocks it should have, in fact for many it is very difficult to buy the 9th generation console from Sony.

During a presentation of the financial situationJim Ryan wanted to point out that despite a really strong launch, PlayStation 5 sales are behind that of PS4 in its second year, but obviously the stock situation was completely different.

The production of consoles has suffered slowdowns primarily due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which caused a lack of components for the construction of the console, as documented also for the PC parts.

While now it is also affected by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Despite all this, which impacts on the logistical side and on the potential parts present in the inventory. But try to increasing production is a primary goal for Sony. Due to this chaos around the launch of next-gen consoles, Sony wanted to point out that their console has missed the target of about 3.3 million PS5.

Indeed, within the next year, Sony plans to close the distance between PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, for then exceed sales of the eighth generation console within the following year.

First of all, it is trying to multiply those who sell parts, so that it can be more agile by taking advantage of the currently unstable market. The next step is to keep running business to keep PlayStation 5 on track so that it is more accessible to everyone.

However, although the consoles are not available, the sales of the various games are growing dramatically. Just think of the fact that Horizon Forbidden West he had a very strong leap forward in the English rankings as for physical sales, all thanks to a bundle. It remains an element of very strong importance, as after months of its release, Aloy’s new adventure continues to attract players.