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PlayStation 5 coming bundled with Horizon Forbidden West

PlayStation 5 is without a doubt the most desired console of all. The new flagship from Sony after more than a year from its release does not seem to have yet overcome the crisis of superconductors by leaving tons of distributors dry. By the time all those who wait will have their console, we will finally be able to talk about a new generation but for now we live in a kind of limbo.

The flagship titles also come out on PlayStation 4 to make up for the lack of stocks and the latter does not seem to want to leave our homes, especially given the experiences it still manages to offer. Among these we can mention the now imminent (or at least we hope) sequel to God of War and the adventurous Horizon Forbidden West which, like its predecessor, did not choose the best possible moment to launch on the market.

Well yes because if Horizon Zero Down was almost completely overshadowed by that masterpiece of Zelda Breath of the Wild, Forbidden West appears to have done the same with another milestone. Of course we are talking about Elden Ring that at the same time as the lack of PlayStation 5 it helped to serve the Guerrilla guys a subdued launchcertainly in relation to the quality of the product.

For this reason, in our opinion, Sony wants to put the cards back on the table revealing a PlayStation 5 bundle with Horizon Forbidden West, in digital version on the English store. Both the model with Blue Ray player and the one without can be purchased together with the code of this title, obviously at a cheaper price than the separate purchase, even if the official date has not yet been revealed. We believe this is an excellent move by Sony that is not deterred by the enormous wait and still manages to take a few small steps forward. Could this package be the real keystone for PlayStation 5? For other news, guides and original content on the world of video games, keep following us here on MonkeyBit and on our social networks.