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PlayStation 4 accounts for half of Sony’s earnings

PlayStation 4 is without a doubt one of the most important platforms in history. The Sony home console has managed to impose a monopoly on the market that was not seen from the good old PS One. Releasing a title on PlayStation 4 was convenient for every developer, having one at home was almost a must and the reasons are quite obvious. In addition to the games available, many and almost all excellent, we find unparalleled accessibility if we think about the players.

Everyone is able, controller in hand, to have fun and exploit every potential of the console, including online gaming and the integrated store. Although Steam had already existed for a long time, the market for digital titles has also exploded thanks to the PS Store on PlayStation 4 which thanks to its excellent offers, ease of use, and above all the increasingly performing internet connections, he managed to really get everyone to play.

Even today, however, there are many people who have not yet had the pleasure of having a PlayStation 4 at home and who now, thanks to the release in the middle of the fifth, can afford it at really good prices. The launch of PlayStation 5 was a disaster from many points of view unlike that of the quattro and this can be seen from the enormity of models still produced and on sale. Sony has indeed stated that 65% of his earnings on titles purchased on the PS Store comes from PlayStation 4, just like 69% of PlayStation Plus subscribers.

PlayStation 4

The last generation therefore does not seem to want to give way to the new one and given the enormous problems of the launch we could say that PlayStation 5 is not really out yet. The cross-platform titles will continue to come out for another year then don’t rush to upgrade and keep enjoying the tons of great games available. For other news, guides and original content, keep following us here on MonkeyBit and on our social networks.