PlayStation 3, Hideaki Itsuno criticized the Sony console

The director of Devil May Cry and Dragon’s Dogma recently complained that Playstation 3 was extremely limiting due to its hardware features.

It’s nothing new to hear complaints from developers about the hardware PlayStation 3which gave a lot of trouble especially to the Third Party when programming their own video games.

Playstation 3 and its processor with “uncontrollable” power

It is in fact known that the CELLinfamous processor of the initially ill-fated console sony, if yes, extremely powerful considering the time but also really difficult to use for development, often causing developers to fall into problems when optimizing games. In fact, despite the PlayStation 3 boasted a much more powerful processor than the home competition Redmondmost often video games Third Party released on both consoles “ran” better on Xbox 360.

The stepfather of Devil May Cry and dad of Dragon’s Dogmain a recent chat with the director of Bokehduring the conversation which lasted about half an hour Istuno began to tell how the development experience of Devil May Cry 3, indeed we remember that the good Itsuno took over from another great game director Hideki Kamiyawas significantly different from that of the development of Devil May Cry 4 released on the Playstation 3 console instead of the Playstation 2.

The main complaint is with the hardware and how it didn’t allow you to use the same tricks that it did. Ps2which thanks to a series of layers was able to significantly “beautify” the image, which, according to what was stated by Istuno it was not possible to replicate on Playstation 3, this situation has thrown everyone into despair, as the progress made during all the years spent working on the series starring Dante were practically useless.

Finally, we remind all lovers of that little pearl that it is Dragon’s Dogma that its sequel is in development in that of Capcom and that he will have his own game director Hideaki Istuno.