player defeats all bosses in one hit

A player of Elden Ring managed to defeat all the bosses in the game using only one shot for each. Twitch streamer BushyGames posted a video on YouTube explaining his build and methodology used, as well as showing the boss battles themselves.

For this challenge in Elden Ring is given free rein on strategies, skills and weapons, and was allowed only one attack per enemy or boss (apart from those with multiple phases). Comet Azur witchcraft was not allowed.

BushuGames’ build of the Lightless, aptly named One Punch Man, consisted of using the weapon Giant-Crusher and the streamer spent hours scouring various areas of the map looking for power-up material for maximize its stats.

The buffs of the Determination and Royal Knights Resolve weapons they proved to be very important, as well as the Golden Vow Ash of War and Golden Vow Incantation. The streamer, regarding this challenge, told colleagues of Kotaku as follows:

It was a fun ride with a lot of problem solving moments and I’m very surprised it was even possible in the first place. Also, after posting the video I received a lot of comments and messages letting me know of other items that could help or improve the build, including Ancient Dragon’s Lightning Strike with a Faith build, Rusted Anchor, and Zweihander – both have attacks of push that allow for another damage boost called “backfire,” which is inaccessible on any non-thrust weapon – and the Marais Executioner’s Sword for its unique Ash of War that can deal massive damage. I have not used any of these elements during my run, but they are all options that may work better in some circumstances than the ones I have used “

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