photos from the Season 3 set show a new location

After the huge success of the first season and a second one that continued the events, shooting for the Season 3 from The Witcherthe original series Netflix dedicated to the imaginary fantasy world born from the mind of Andrzej Sapkowki. Although not much information is circulating about it yet, it seems that some small details are leaking, first of all, some photos that would portray a nlocation eggs from the set.

According to these images, it would seem that the presence within the season of elven ruinsthose that appear in the story “Blood of the Elves”. However, it has not been confirmed that it is exactly this reference, but it seems to be a concrete possibility, in any case we invite you to take this specific detail as a corridor entrya rumor.

The fact, however, is that indeed these photos exist, and that the location depicted – despite all the elements for the work in progress – seems to be truly suggestive. We just have to wait for confirmation. Here the pictures.

There has been a lot to talk about in recent months regarding books and TV series adaptation, especially in regards to fidelity of certain factors and sequentiality, with some elements that some fans have not quite gone down on. However, it must be said that, in such cases, it is not uncommon to have to compromise to maintain a certain coherence between book and series, especially managing to propose a show worthy of the name to the public.

We still have no idea when we will see The Witcher season 3 coming to Netflix, but we do know that the gears keep moving: while filming continues, in fact, the producers and writers have already set in motion for draw up Season 4 of The Witcher, which should reassure fans waiting for the continuation of the series.