Phonopolis, the new project by Amanita Design, has been announced

After giving us pearls of the caliber of Machinarium and Samorost, the Czech collective Amanita Design presented its next project: it is Phonopolisa new narrative adventure full of enigmas with a strong political character.

Set in the dystopian city of Phonopolis, the game will put us in the shoes of the young Felix, the only person who is noticing the slow but inexorable fall of the city into the hands of a tyrant. Hunted by the authorities, Felix will have to try to convince his fellow citizens of the imminent threat, thus trying to stop the despot’s rise to power.
Amanita Design explains that Phonopolis will be an allegorical metaphor of our civilization, therefore it will deal with important issues such as the manipulation of reality and individualism with the usual ironic and satirical style of the Czech collective. Also, the whole game will be made in 12fps stop-motion style and will be able to count on the music of Tomáš Dvořák, former author of the soundtrack of Machinarium.
Finally, we point out that the latest work by Amanita Design is for now without an official release date, however it will see the light coming soon to PC via Steam and on other platforms not yet announced.

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