Phil Spencer talks about the Keystone idea, the console designed for cloud gaming

Several weeks have passed since the last interview granted by Phil Spencer to a newspaper. In recent weeks, the number one in the Xbox world has had the opportunity to talk about his intentions for the future of the Microsoft Gaming world. Among other things, the Wall Street Journal had told Keystone, the console designed for cloud gaming. A prototype had been identified in recent days in a photo posted by Spencer himself on social media. The Xbox Social Media Managers on Twitter had nicely scolded him for this “involuntary” reveal in advance.

Following this mishap, Spencer had specified that this, in fact, was a prototype. Specifically, it would be the result of nine months of experimentation and it was one of the very few existing specimens (others had been given to the engineers who had worked on it). According to Spencer, Keystone was supposed to function as a dongle (to the Chromecast, for example) to connect to the TV and which would act as a bridge to the Xbox xCloud catalog. Even then, Spencer said that probably that model would never have been marketed especially following the agreements made with Samsung for the integration of the xCloud app on Smart TVs last generation.

That’s not the only reason that led to shelving – at least temporarily – the project. According to Spencer, Keystone has lost its sense of existence when combined with Xbox Series X and, above all, Series S. According to the company’s CEO, the idea was to offer the accessory on the market for $129 with a pad, a competitive and enticing price but not very profitable when compared to production costs. The device, however, says Spencer again, seems to work well. The manager does not rule out that the idea may be “resurrected” in the future.


Source: The Verge