Phil Spencer ‘after the acquisition we will recognize the Raven Software syndicate’

In recent weeks, he had been discussing Activision’s decision to adjust the contracts of its employees to better standards. The core of the discussion, however, was not on this initiative – which tends to be positive – but the fact that the improvements would not have affected everyone. Oddly enough, some Raven Software employees were excluded from the contractual adjustment that, in that period, they were forming into a Union (the US equivalent of our unions).

Now, to put a patch on it Phil Spencer who has declared his intention to want to recognize the legitimacy of the Union once it can be exclaimed “done deal”On the acquisition of Activision. Spencer’s statement came during an investor meeting and was later reported by Kotaku.

As stated by Spencer, the CEO has spent the last year training under the advice of Linda Norman – manager of the legal pool of Xbox – on the subject of Union and Unions. “We support the right of employees to form a union” Spencer would have said. At the moment, however, he specifies to have no contact either with union representatives or with members of Communication Workers of America.


From clarification, this recognition will take place only at the close of the negotiations. Activision’s board of directors has currently voted in favor of the acquisition. The deal is expected to cost Xbox something like $ 69 billion. On the other hand, the response of the Federal Trade Commission, the supervisory body on this type of operations in the USA, is awaited. In the event of a positive opinion, the marriage can be celebrated. Otherwise, Microsoft Gaming will be forced to pay a certain amount into Activision’s coffers as ‘compensation’.

Source: Kotaku