Phantom Liberty will be a paid expansion

The confirmation came directly from the PR Director of CD Project RED, Radek Grabowskiwhich via a comment on GamesRadar+ stated that Phantom Libertythe expansion of Cyberpunk 2077 currently in the works, will be a paid content.

No free update this time therefore, his words were quite explicit:

Regarding the price of the expansion, we haven’t revealed any details yet, but yes, it will be a paid expansion.

Although there was some confusion about this among fans, it shouldn’t be such a big surprise: this not only because by now – finally – Cyberpunk 2077 has technically left behind all the problems that marked its release, and therefore worthy of a new starting point, but also because this modus operandi follows exactly what happened with the much luckier The Witcher 3. In that case, small additions were offered for free, while what the team called “expansions” cost money of €9.99 and €19.99 respectively.

As anticipated by the quote, there was no mention of price, but another of the phrases caught by colleagues from GamesRadar suggests that it should be slightly more expensive than The Witcher 3 content:

Our expansions are traditionally less expensive than a full-price game

This sentence assures us that we will certainly not pay €70.00, but there is the possibility that the content can cost between €30.00 and €50.00 depending on its size. We’ll see, based on the new information that will arrive soon.