Peacock announces the entry of Neve Campbell into the cast

Twisted Metal, the television transposition of the famous video game released for PlayStation back in 1995, is preparing to welcome Neve Campbell in the cast of actors on which director Kitao Sakurai will be able to count to create a project that is as crazy as it is absolutely interesting made in Peacock.

Neve Campbell, Canadian actress, became known to the general public for playing the role of Sidney Prescott in the horror series Scream and for playing Julia Salinger in the teen drama Five in the Family. She has also starred in House of Cards and in several films.

Neve Campbell is just the latest known name to work on this series. In the past few weeks, in fact, other names of actors who will work on the show have been revealed. Above all, the one of stands out Anthony Mackie, known for playing the role of Falcon in several Marvel Cinematic Universe films and for taking over from Steve Rogers as Captain America after the events of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

In addition to Mackie, they have also been announced the names of Stephanie Beatriz and Thomas Haden Church. The former is known to the small screen audience for playing the role of Rosa Diaz in the Brooklyn Nine-Nine series, while the latter is known worldwide for playing the Sandman in Spider-Man 3 and the latest Spider. -Man: No Way Home.

For those who do not know the plot of Twisted Metal, which saw the entry of Neve Campbell into the cast, it is enough to know that the video game was based on bloody car battles which can only end with a single winner.

In particular, Anthony Mackie will play the protagonist of this story, while Stephanie Beatriz will be the car thief who will help him participate in this race. Campbell, on the other hand, will play the role of co-star Raven. In short, we will see some good ones.