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Activision and Infinity Ward’s latest CoD series “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare ll (Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 / MWll)” Season 01 has started, but combined with its high quality, the frame rate (FPS) is becoming harder to earn.

Therefore”frame rate than graphics! Thorough investigation from overseas Reddit etc. on how to improve FPS for gamers.at this stageFinal graphics settingsis completed, so I will introduce it.

How to improve the frame rate of CoD: MWll PC version

Before improving the frame rate introduced this time, the graphics preset “lowest”Average 180 FPSHowever, after the improvementAverage 200 FPSimproved as much. Here are my simple PC specs:

  • CPU: Ryzen 5900X
  • GPU: Geforce RTX 3080
  • Memory: 32GB 3200Mhz
  • Resolution: Full HD (1920 x 1080)

Since “CoD: MWll” has added a benchmark test, we will compare four types of graphics setting quality presets: “Recommended (Performance)”, “Lowest (with DLSS)”, “Lowest (without DLSS)”, and “Improved Settings”. I tried.After improvementAble to achieve average 200 FPS without DLSS, you can improve the frame rate to the limit.In the author’s environment, even if the texture resolution and anisotropy were slightly adjusted after the improvement, the FPS did not decrease significantly, so it is a guess.People who play with low specs may be able to feel the effectI can’t.

Recommended (Performance) settings, average 161 FPS with DLSS quality
Average 184 FPS on lowest settings, no DLSS
Lowest settings, average 202 FPS on DLSS (quality), this is the limit
With the settings introduced this time, you can achieve an average of over 200 FPS without DLSS

Depending on the PC environment, there may be cases where there is a difference in the degree of improvement. Also, change settings at your own risk!

PC version CoD: MWll How to improve frame rate

Edit the setting file “options.3.cod22.cst”

Since there is a limit to the graphics settings that can be adjusted in-game, open the game settings file directly and edit the values ​​of the graphics items. The setting flow is as follows.

Before editing, copy “options.3.cod22.cst” to back up the original settings.

  • step 1. “User FolderDocumentsCall of Dutyplayersoptions.3.cod22.cst” in notepad
  • Step 2. Graphicsthen search for the followingCode (*1)Change the settings in the item toreplace all
  • Step 3. Thread count for handling the job queue” item and change the value to the number of CPU cores -1
  • Step 4. CacheSpotShadow: 0.0 = “Preserve Updates”“When”CacheSunShadow: 0.0 = “true””(*2) at the bottom
  • Step 5. Save and close

step 1. You can edit the file by dragging and dropping “options.3.cod22.cst” to Notepad.

Step 2. belowcodeCopy it as it is and overwrite all the settings in the “Graphics” item.

This item
// Graphics

// User preferred anti-aliasing technique
AATechniquePreferred:0.0 = "SMAA T2x" // one of [SMAA T2x, Filmic SMAA T2x, XeSS]

// Strength for Contrast Adaptive Sharpening (CAS)
AMDContrastAdaptiveSharpeningStrength:0.0 = "0.400000" // 0.000000 to 1.000000

// Enable AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution
AMDSuperResolution:0.0 = "CAS - Sharpening only" // one of [Off, CAS - Sharpening only, AMD FSR 1.0]

// AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution quality
AMDSuperResolutionQuality:0.0 = "Maximum Quality" // one of [Maximum Performance, Balanced, Maximum Quality, Ultra Quality]

// Absolute target resolution
AbsoluteTargetResolution:0.0 = "none" // one of [540P, 640P, 720P, 900P, 1080P, 1440P, native, none]

// Show bullet impacts
BulletImpacts:0.0 = "false"

// The maximum distance at which clutter models are rendered.
ClutterMaxDist:0.0 = "100.000000" // 100.000000 to 10000.000000

// Corpses culling threshold
CorpsesCullingThreshold:0.0 = "0.850000" // 0.500000 to 1.000000

// Enable deferred physics
DeferredPhysics:0.0 = "Low Quality" // one of [Low Quality, Medium Quality, High Quality, Developer]

// Activate dynamic scene resolution
DynamicSceneResolution:0.0 = "false"

// Target frame time in ms for dynamic scene resolution.
DynamicSceneResolutionTarget:0.0 = "3.70000" // 0.000000 to 100.000000

// Strength of the filmic visual noise filter
FilmicStrength:0.0 = "1.000000" // 0.000000 to 1.000000

// Preferred GPU if multiple GPU system
GPUName:0.0 = "NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080"

// GTAO Quality level

// Set HDR activation mode. Option only takes effect on HDR Display.
HDR:0.0 = "Off" // one of [Off, On, Automatic]

// LODs distance quality
ModelLodDistanceQuality:0.0 = "Base Quality" // one of [High Quality, Base Quality]

// Models quality
ModelLodQuality:0.0 = "Base quality" // one of [High quality, Base quality]

// Enable NVIDIA Image Scaling
NVIDIAImageScaling:0.0 = "false"

// NVIDIA Image Scaling quality
NVIDIAImageScalingQuality:0.0 = "Maximum Quality" // one of [Maximum Performance, Balanced, Maximum Quality, Ultra Quality, Custom, Native Quality]

// NVIDIA Image Scaling sharpness
NVIDIAImageScalingSharpness:0.0 = "0.300000" // 0.000000 to 1.000000

// Particle Lighting Quality
ParticleLighting:0.0 = "0" // 0 to 5

// Particle Quality quality level
ParticleQualityLevel:0.0 = "very low" // one of [very low, low, medium, high]

// Particle Resolution quality level
ParticuleResolution:0.0 = "false"

// Enable persistent damage layer
PersistentDamageLayer:0.0 = "true"

// Particle Lighting quality level
PixelPerLightmapTexel:0.0 = "1.000000" // 1.000000 to 256.000000

// Enable half resolution reflection probes
ReflectionProbeHalfResolution:0.0 = "true"

// Reflection probe relighting update stages
ReflectionProbeRelighting:0.0 = "4" // 1 to 4

// SMAA Quality level

// Screen-space ambient occlusion method
SSAOTechnique:0.0 = "Off" // one of [Off, GTAO, MDAO, GTAO & MDAO]

// Screen-space reflection mode
SSRMode:0.0 = "Off" // one of [Off, Deferred LQ, Deferred HQ]

// Screen Space Shadow quality level
ScreenSpaceShadowQuality:0.0 = "Off" // one of [Off, Low, High]

// Select the shader quality setting
ShaderQuality:0.0 = "Low" // one of [Default, Medium, Low]

// Shadow resolution quality level
ShadowMapResolution:1.0 = "Very Low" // one of [Very Low, Low, Normal, High, Extra, Ultra]

// Adjust size of Spot Shadow Cache
SpotShadowCacheSize:0.0 = "0" // 0 to 3

// Quality level of spot shadow
SpotShadowQualityLevel:0.0 = "Low" // one of [Low, Medium, High]

// Static sunshadow moment clipmap resolution
StaticSunshadowClipmapResolution:0.0 = "1" // 0 to 2147483647

// Catmull Clark subdivision level
SubdivisionLevel:0.0 = "0" // 0 to 8

// Quality level of shadows from the sun at a distance
SunShadowCascade:0.0 = "Low    (1 cascade" // one of [Low    (1 cascade), Normal (2-3 cascades)]

// Tessellation quality level
Tessellation:0.0 = "0_Off" // one of [0_Off, 1_Near, 2_All]

// Texture filtering quality level

// Texture quality level, high to low ( higher number means lower resolution )
TextureQuality:0.0 = "3" // 0 to 3

// Ui Quality
UiQuality:0.0 = "Auto" // one of [1080P, 4K, Auto]

// Use large physical textures
VirtualTexturingLargeMemory:0.0 = "true"

// Volumetric quality

// Select water caustics mode
WaterCausticsMode:0.0 = "Off" // one of [Off, Low Quality, High Quality]

// Select weather grid volumes quality
WeatherGridVolumesQuality:0.0 = "Off" // one of [Ultra, High, Medium, Low, Off]

// World streaming quality option
WorldStreamingQuality:0.0 = "Low" // one of [Low, High]

// XeSS quality
XeSSQuality:0.0 = "Balanced" // one of [Maximum Performance, Balanced, Maximum Quality, Ultra Quality, Custom]

The item “Preferred GPU if multiple GPU system” is automatically updated to the name of the GPU installed in the PC when the game is started.

Step 3. Thread count for handling the job queuethe value ofnumber of CPU cores – 1Corrected to. For the latest Intel, there are two types, P-core and E-core, so only P-core is used for calculation.According to the information, by giving one margin to the coreDisturbance (stutter) prevention when frame rate fluctuatesIt seems that it will be It may not be a charm, but let’s set it.

// Thread count for handling the job queue
RendererWorkerCount:0.0 = "11" // -1 to 16

(Example: Intel 12900K has 8 P-cores, so set the value to 7. AMD 5900X has 12 cores, so set the value to 11. If the CPU has 17 or more cores, set the maximum value to 16.)

Step 4. Finally the following2 codes (*2)search for.if not displayedCopy and add it to the bottom of the config file.please.

CacheSpotShadow:0.0 = "Preserve Updates"
CacheSunShadow:0.0 = "true"

Step 5. After completing the above settingsoverwrite saveThen start the game.

Confirm settings

Please check from the top to see if “Graphics/Quality” from the settings is the same display as below.

It is correct that the value is not displayed for the clutter draw distance
  • Quality Preset: Custom
  • Rendering resolution: 100
  • Upscaling/Sharpening: FIDELITYFX CAS
    • FIDELITYFX CAS Strength: 40 (your choice)
  • Antialiasing: SMAA T2X
  • Antialiasing Quality: Low
  • Video memory scale: 80 (your choice)
  • Texture resolution: very low
  • Texture Filter Anisotropy: Low
  • Close Range Detail: Low
  • Long Range Detail: Low
  • Clutter draw distance: (none shown)
  • Texture quality: high
  • Particle Quality Level: Very Low
  • Landing & Spray: Off
  • Shader Quality: Low
  • Mosaic: Off
  • Terrain memory: MAX
  • On Demand Texture Streaming: Off
  • Streaming quality: low
  • Volume Quality: Low
  • Deferred Physics Quality: Off
  • Water caustics: off
  • Shadow map resolution: very low
  • Screen Space Shadows: Off
  • Spot Shadow Resolution: Low
  • Spot Cache: Low
  • Particle Lighting: Low
  • Ambient Occlusion: Off
  • Screen Space Reflections: Off
  • Static reflection quality: low
  • Weather Grid Volume: Off
  • NVIDIA REFLEX Low Latency: ON (preferred)
  • Depth of field: off (preferred)
  • World motion blur: off (preferred)
  • Weapon Motion Blur: Off (preferred)
  • Film grain: 0.00 (preferred)

Immerse yourself in the game with improved framerate

Shoot house is 190-260 FPS, but the texture is like the original PS

Added in Season 1, given my environment and improved graphics settingsshoot houseAlmost 200 FPS or more in WARZONE 2.0Al MazuraThen keep the average around 180 FPS.

The only drawback is that all the depictions including effectsTextures reminiscent of the original PSwill be If you are concerned, apply “texture filter anisotropy” at normal and then apply at low (normalize on the display and then return to low), or set the “Texture filtering quality level” item in the setting file to “TEXTURE_FILTER_NEAREST If you change it to something other than “, the texture will be blurred and improved.

130-250 FPS playable in WARZONE 2.0 Al Mazura

The method introduced here is onlyUser workaroundthat’s why,Further improvement is expected in the future depending on the optimization of the game side and graphic driverthere is. Let’s improve the frame rate and enjoy assault play.

It seems that the latest PC configuration can aim for 400 FPS

Source: Twitter