PC exclusive sales revealed. Sony promises more will come!

In Sony Interactive Entertainment’s document focusing on business plans related to the gaming sector, the Japanese company finally has unveiled the official sales data of its IPs landed on PC. The results, actually quite promising, have also pushed the company to want to expand even more on this platformand we can expect large investments in this regard.

According to the graph published by Sony, Horizon Zero Dawn was arguably the most profitable title, also the result of its early publication compared to the other two titles examined. The open world of Guerrilla Games has indeed sold nearly 2.4 million copies, with revenues of $ 60 million.

Excellent results also for Days Gone, which placed 852,000 copies on PC for revenues of 22.7 million dollars. The title, however, was released several months after Horizon Forbidden West, and it certainly didn’t have the same interest. In any case, not bad numbers for the effort of Bend Studio.


But God of War is the most impressive title in this respect. Despite having been out for just over 4 months, the Santa Monica Studio masterpiece placed 971,000 units, for revenues of $ 26.2 million and actually bypassing Days Gone by some length.

Nonsense respect to 20 million on PS4? Probably, but we are still talking about over 40 months of advantage for the console version. However, the big difference compared to the numbers declared by SteamSpy, which even spoke of 2 million copies for the Santa Monica title.

In terms of total revenues, these have reached 300 million dollars in 2022. Sony PlayStation has also decided to invest more funds in the development of ports, and it is reasonable to expect more PC exclusives on the way. Soon we will see Uncharted Collection Legacy of Thieves, and it would appear that Returnal is also in development.

In any case, several details emerged in the document in question. Sony is indeed intent on launching the PlayStation VR 2 along with 20 games between First and Third Party. Also, the company intends invest more in live services. In addition, Sony has plans to work on the God of War (Amazon Prime Video) and Horizon (Netflix) TV series.

Source: Sony