PayDay 2 for a few pennies on Eneba

PayDay 2 it was one of those games that accompanied fans for a very long time. Suffice it to say that, despite its release being dated two generations of consoles ago, the title is still very active on PC and is even playable in VR. So let’s talk about an experience that must be known, at least to know what it is.

So if you’ve never played PayDay 2, you can make up for it thanks to this discount on Enebawhere do you find the game a just over two Euros, instead of the classic 9.99 Euro list. A clean price cut, for a decidedly long-lived title!

What PayDay offers 2

PayDay 2 is a very special first person shooterwhich bases all its charm on the great variety of missions and immense replay value. The game puts you in the shoes of some robbers fully armed, who try their hand at various types of shots: sometimes you will find yourself robbing banks or jewelers, while in other cases you will have to infiltrate highly guarded art galleries.

Payday 2 DLC

This is also reflected in the gameplay. On the one hand we find heart-pounding missionswhere shootings against various waves of enemies play a central role, while in other cases there they are missions focused on stealth, where a more reasoned approach is needed to overcome the various alarms. Clearly, no one forbids combining the two.

So if you look for something to play with friendsPayDay 2 is a title you shouldn’t miss!