patch 1.2 makes games run smoother on slower systems

Return to Monkey Island patch 1.2 should fix some bugs and above all make the game smoother on slower systems

Terrible Toybox released the patch 1.2 from Return to Monkey Island which should fix minor bugs and above all else improve stability and performance on slower systems, giving overall greater fluidity to the game.

In any case i requirements from Return to Monkey Island are already accessible: The game has a minimum requirement to run on an AMD FX-4300 (4 * 3800) CPU rather than an Intel Core i3-3240 (2 * 3400) or equivalent alternative. At the graphics card level, however, it requires a Radeon video card HD 7750 (1024 VRAM) rather than a GeForce GT 640 (2048 VRAM) or an equivalent alternative. So this is good news that will allow a wider audience of players to make the most of the sixth chapter of the saga.

Return to Monkey Island with patch 1.2 improves fluidity for older or slower systems, increasing the fluidity of the game.

Return to Monkey Island has received excellent reviews from both critics and fans to date. In fact, if we take into consideration theMetacric aggregator it is possible to find out how this new chapter of the series has received excellent ratings from critics to say the least, obtaining an important average rating that settles, at the time of writing this article, at an excellent 89 on PC (84 on Nintendo Switch).

Below are the votes extrapolated from the reviews of specialized magazines:

  • Eurogamer – ‘Recommended’
  • GamesHub – 5/5
  • AusGamers – 9.5
  • IGN – 9
  • Stevivor – 9/10
  • The Independent – 9
  • GamesRadar + – 4.5 / 5
  • Press Start – 8.5
  • The Guardian – 4/5
  • WayTooManyGames – 8/10
  • IGN France – 80
  • Gamepur – 8
  • Guardian – 80
  • Checkpoint Gaming – 75

Unlike the 1195 reviews currently received by the game on Steam, only 60 are negativefor an overall average “Extremely Positive“. These statistics have been improving the qualitative judgment since Return to Monkey Island by Terrible Toybox was released which however was already positive..

Return to Monkey Island is a point-click adventure based on puzzle solving to carry on a story and finally find out what the secret of Monkey Island is. In this sense Ron Gilbert he told in an interview how the approach to designing them has changed based on the feedback received from players:

I think I want to challenge the public to be demanding, but at the same time it has to be a fair challenge. The difficulty of solving a puzzle shouldn’t come from making things incomprehensible. I’ve talked to folks who have recently played Monkey Island 1 and 2 and complained about the puzzles. It is one of the most recurrent complaints. The problem is not that there are puzzles or that they are too difficult, but that they are not always logical.

Ron Gilbert he also explained about the choices of gameplay:

In general, everything moves on the basis of the canon, of conventional rules. However, sometimes there are rules that do not go well with what we are doing. So I think about Dave’s rule… if something doesn’t fit what we’re doing, we just ignore it. We do not judge it negatively or try to agree to the canon at all costs, but we simply move on.

Ron Gilbert Return of Monkey Island
Ron Gilbert, author of Return to Monkey Island

We remind you that Return to Monkey Islandthe sixth installment in the series, was developed by Gilbert’s Terrible Toybox and published by Delvover Digital the next one has landed September 19, 2022 on Windows PC and Nintendo Switchfor what will presumably be a temporal exclusivity.

return monkey island logo GE
Return to Monkey Island released on September 19th on PC and Nintendo Switch