Parcel Corps – Extreme-Sports Delivery Game Announced

Billy Goat Entertainment and publisher SecretMode present their Extreme-Sports Delivery title Parcel Corps before, which will appear in 2024. This appeals to players who count BMX, dirt and mountain biking among their favorites.

In Parcel Corps you jump on your bike and sign a casual contract with one of the three competing courier companies. From there you experience the life of a freelance bike courier who has to deliver packages on behalf of a diverse group of colorful customers.

The goal is to find your own lines and pull off cool tricks while cruising the bustling streets of New Island. Your earnings are constantly being torpedoed by exploitative contractual agreements that you have been pressured into agreeing to and which sap your motivation.

With a wide variety of missions and enough ramps, quarterpipes, and conveniently placed rails to challenge city planners’ decision-making skills, Parcel Corps offers more single-player shenanigans than you can imagine with an isolated delivery bag.

Parcel Corps will be released in 2024.

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