Pac-Man: The Pill Junkie is getting his own LEGO set

In the meantime, quite a few iconic figures in video game history have been given LEGO sets. Mario and Sonic have already done the honors, now an even older fellow is joining the grid of clamping blocks: Pac-Man. Together with Bandai Namco, the Danish building block company has now announced a replica of the iconic arcade machine.

Historical flashbacks are rarely exciting, but when it comes to icons like Pac-Man, they’re quite interesting. The pill junkie was first let loose on the colorful spirits in 1980. Within the first seven years after its appearance, Namco installed a total of 293,882 units in arcades around the world. The Guinness World Records Committee recognized these impressive numbers as the “most successful coin-operated game” in the world.

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Now the yellow hero gets the next honor, the Danish clamping block specialists from LEGO are working together with Bandai Namco on a set based on Pac-Man. Unsurprisingly, this takes the arcade machines as a model. But you don’t just tinker with the device, there are also block versions of Pac-Man and the ghosts Blinky and Clyde. These rotate on a base, you can either place them on top of the machine or display them separately.

Those who know the Super Mario sets already guessed it, you can even play rudimentary on the machine. A few moves of the video game role model are offered. If everything is put together, the coin slot lights up. Inside the case you’ll also find a depiction of a female minifigure playing Pac-Man on an arcade machine. The set includes a total of 2,651 pieces and is 32 x 25 x 17 cm in size.

The set will be released on June 4, 2023 and costs 269.99 euros. As a LEGO VIP member, you can pull out your wallet and purchase the Pac-Man adaptation from June 1, 2023 on the official LEGO website or in local stores.

Pac-Man – The LEGO set introductory video

Pac-Man is a cult, LEGO too. This video introduces you to the LEGO set based on the original arcade machine.

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