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Overwatch has a diverse cast of characters that you can play as and eventually you will find characters that will become your main character. Whether you’re a Main Shadow and like to sneak up on your victims, or a Main Tracer, tear through the arena with speed. This tier list will show who ranks in terms of dominating a battlefield, being easy to maneuver around the maps, and who is considered the strongest.

Overwatch Tier List

Our list will focus on who we think is the strongest and who is considered a popular character to play. As upgrades spread through games, characters gain buffs, which can affect how a player chooses their character. At one point, Bastion was considered a fun character to play, and then along came a fluffy hamster.

S Tier List

The S-Tier list is for characters considered the best. It is an easy group to use in battle, offering a perfect balance and can easily work alone in battle without needing support.

  • Mercy: the mother of her comrades in battle. A favorite when introductory to healing classes.
  • Tracer – Can easily bypass enemies, fun to use, not hard to learn
  • Reaper – A favorite among nervous players who like to kill multiple enemies at once.
  • D.VA – Our favorite tanker who loves taking selfies and taking down enemies.
  • Hanzo – You can shoot from a distance with his ultimate attack, causing enemies to die gloriously.
  • Moira – A favorite to help take down enemies and can heal your team.
  • McCree – Cowboy McCree, when combined with Tracer, forms a killer duo
  • Wrecking Ball: Hamster on Wheels has been going strong for months and is still being picked in battle
  • Soldier 76 – Powerful DPS that can heal, dash, and deal a lot of damage.

A-tier list

The A-Tier list focuses on characters that are still self-sufficient in battle but require a bit more practice to get right. They can be OP in battle and players still like to pick them up, so while they may be on the S-tier list, they’re not there yet.

  • Shadow: Its abilities take some getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll destroy defenses.
  • Ana: She is an excellent healer, but aiming her sleep darts is a bit tricky.
  • Reinhardt – The original tank is still highly rated, but due to the mobility it is more difficult for some players.
  • Genji – If you’re familiar with cards, playing as Genji is deadly. You can scale anything. he is also powerful
  • Sigma – Due to recent buffs, Sigma has increased HP and can deal a lot of damage.
  • Zarya – A powerful tank that has amazing DPS capabilities with the ability of her weapons

B-tier list

As we go down the list, you’ll notice that many of these characters require you to train them to use them correctly. Some may seem easy to use, however it is important to study the map to find out which sections you can hide in to escape these deadly characters.

  • Widowmaker – If you’re an OP sniper, you won’t have a problem with her. Otherwise, well, practice makes perfect.
  • Pharah – Fly around and destroy enemies, but one wrong move and you can instantly die in the sky
  • Winston: Knowing the map can help when you go crazy. Mobility is harder to use, but we’re sure you can figure it out
  • Mei – Probably the most divided character in terms of resemblance. Players get angry when you block them with your ice. She learns to use her abilities before going into battle.
  • Ashe – Great for damage, but harder to take hits from her. Use her dynamite for extra damage
  • Baptize – A great support character who can help you heal and give you a mild immortality.
  • Brigitte – Her buffs help out her teammates as well as being a force to be reckoned with. Watch out for your shield

C Tier List

As stated above, these characters aren’t horrible to play, but they do require additional training before taking them into battle. All Overwatch characters are doable when given enough practice time!

  • Orisa – great tank but has trouble getting past shields, hope your team can help
  • Pike – no matter how mobile it is, it is either very difficult to move, or extremely easy. An excellent healer for passive healing.
  • Doomfist – His attacks are for melee only and if you’re playing against someone who knows what they’re doing, it can be hard to throw a punch.
  • Echo – In Overwatch 2, Echo is weaker and has limited health, but can still be useful in battle with her damage numbers.
  • Zenyatta – A more difficult character to learn in terms of mechanics. He’s not the best healer, but he learns to time attacks and can be intimidating.
  • Torbjorn – It’s pretty easy to dodge Torbjorn’s cannons, so be sure to practice with friends to coordinate defenses.
  • Cassidy – A random character that you can miss your shot on, but when you hit him with his grenade he can deal DPS damage to characters.

Tier List D

The Overwatch characters deserve all the love for being there for us. It is important to learn how to play all kinds of heroes so that you can be an OP in battle. Although they aren’t the best options, you still need to learn their moves, so you can learn to avoid them in battle.

  • Junkrat – A once loved and crazy guy, unfortunately his cheats no longer lock players out. He is extremely vulnerable but is still a fun character when he throws bombs.
  • Symmetra: It’s just not what it used to be. He fights snipers and his mobility makes navigation more difficult for newcomers.
  • Roadhog – An easy character to pick up in terms of mechanics, but due to his size and random hook, he’s not the best character to pick.

This is our version of the Overwatch tier list. If you want to learn more about the future of Overwatch, be sure to follow our guides and gaming news. Stay up to date with the latest gaming articles.

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