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Today, May 18, 2022, Blizzard Entertainment has updated its Overwatch live server. In this update, mainly the second part of all three parts “Overwatch Remix: Volume 2Is held and skins are added accordingly.

Overwatch Remix: Volume 2

“Overwatch” is celebrating its 6th anniversary. This year’s anniversary event will be delivered in three volumes. New Legendary skins in Volume 2 include redesigned skins such as Lucio’s Poison Dart Frog, Hanzo’s Black Wolf, and Symmetra’s Hydra.

In addition, the weekly challenges of the past are back, giving you the chance to regain stylish skins such as Mercy’s “Dr. Ziegler”, Ash’s “Mardi Gras” and Sigma’s “Maestro”. From May 18th to June 7th, get Legendary Skins, win weekly rewards and enjoy the most popular exclusive battles in Overwatch Remix: Volume 2.

During the period of “Overwatch Remix: Volume 2” (May 18th to June 7th, 2022), as with past anniversary events, the past will change daily.Limited time arcade modeBecame playable and was not availablePast Challenge Event Limited SkinsThere will also be a challenge event where you can get.

Arcade mode schedule

  • Wednesday: Winter Wonderland
  • Thursday:Lunar New Year
  • Friday: Overwatch archive
  • Saturday: Overwatch Archive Challenge Mission
  • Sunday: Summer game
  • Monday: Halloween Teller
  • Tuesday: Halloween Teller Challenge Mission

Reprint Weekly Challenge

This Weekly Challenge also counts the number of quick play, rival play, or arcade play as in past challenge events (if you win, it will progress by 2 plays). The challenge reward is Mercy’s “Dr. ZieglerAsh’s “Mardi GrasSigma’s “MaestroThe same challenge as the one with the same name that was held in the past is available.

  • Mercy’s Recall Challenge (May 18th to May 24th)
  • Ash’s Mardi Gras Challenge (May 25-May 31)
  • Sigma’s Maestro Challenge (June 1st-June 7th)

Remix Legendary Skin

In “Overwatch Remix: Volume 2”, the following 6 new skins are available.Anniversary limited itemsIt is implemented as.Also, as with regular anniversary events, past event-limited skins and emotes (limited to those that appear from the treasure box)Can be unlocked.. Skins added in “Overwatch Remix: Volume 1” can also be unlocked with 3,000 Hero Dust.

Night Owl

Symmetra “Hydra”

Sombra “Neon Cat”

Hanzo “Black Wolf”

Lucio “Dart Frog”

Roadhog “drug”

Overwatch League Kickoff Crash Skin

Celebrating the Overwatch League kick-off crash, the Legendary Skin for ReaperLucadorIs now on sale. This skin can be redeemed for 200 Overwatch League tokens (for a limited time).

Overwatch League tokens, which are a type of in-game currency, have been distributed as subscriptions to Overwatch League news and benefits of the All Access Pass in the past, but billing, which is the usual means of obtaining, is in Japan. It is difficult to do from. It is possible to purchase via an overseas proxy server, but it is not an officially recommended method, so you must do it at your own risk.

General updates

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the standby animation would play while the load hog and junk rat were frozen.
  • Fixed a bug where the shotgun would get bigger while using the reaper emote “Slice”

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