Overwatch 2: Mercy’s “Super Jump” has become a standard ability, and has been strengthened and adjusted for Sojon & Baptist | EAA !! FPS News

On May 14, 2022, Blizzard Entertainment updated the ongoing Overwatch 2 1st PvP Beta.In this update, Baptiste, Mercy and SojonBalance adjustment to 3 heroesIs being done.

This update is limited to “Overwatch 2” PvP beta test and is currentlyOverwatch has no impact on the live environment..

OW2 1st Beta: Hero Balance Adjustment

Baptist (strengthening)

  • “Regeneration Burst”
    • Changed the recovery effect from 100 over time to 50 immediately over time + 50 over time (no description in in-game information)
      • Recovery targets with 50% or less health double the effect of immediate recovery (100)
    • Removed the effect of doubling the amount of self-healing

Continuing from the last update, the batists who are struggling to adapt from the original OW to OW2 have been strengthened. A wide range of quick recovery is possible even when engaging in open clusters.In addition, the conditional recovery amount of 1.5 times the effect is also known as the “immortality field” that can withstand 10% of maximum physical strength.Compatibility..

Mercy (strengthening)

  • “Guardian Angel”
    • It can be canceled by entering the crouching key.In this case, fly high in the sky

Techniques called “super jump” that have existed since the MUJI eraStandard featureImplemented as. All players can now take advantage of this effect without the need for complicated operations or knowledge. Normal “Guardian Angel” cancellation is still possible by re-entering the ability key.

Sojon (strengthening)

  • “Railgun”
    • Increased the main fire rate from 13 / sec to 15 / sec.
    • Increased maximum ammo count from 40 to 45

The direct enhancement is only the main shooting, but as a result, the charging efficiency of the sub shooting is also improved, andOverall firepower improvementIt is connected to. The purpose of expanding the magazine size is to prevent a decline in the ability to continue the battle due to an increase in the shooting rate.

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