Overwatch 2: let’s see Ramattra’s skills in video

A peculiar character to say the least Ramattrathe new hero that joins the already full roster of Overwatch 2. To illustrate its features, Blizzard Entertainment has packed a special gameplay trailer.

The thirty-sixth Overwatch 2 character it features two forms that change the way it behaves on the battlefield. In its basic form, the Omnic one, Ramattra behaves like a tank capable of protecting itself and allies with energy barriers capable of blocking enemy blows, as well as creating force fields that slow down opponents. In Nemesis form, however, Ramattra goes on the offensive and attacks with his fists by firing waves of energy that can even overcome enemy energy barriers. The ultimate, on the other hand, projects an energy field around the hero that damages all surrounding players.

Ramattra will be available starting December 6thwhen the next season of Overwatch 2 starts.

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