Overwatch 2 has canceled the planned PvE campaign, but story PvE missions will be coming

Activision Blizzard has offered another glimpse into the future of Overwatch 2, and along with it, has definitively confirmed that the story campaign with a range of missions, talents and RPG progression for all heroes has been canceled for good.

Game Director Aaron Keller explained it further:

“The development of any game is a process. In the years following our announcement at BlizzCon 2019, we had a really large part of our team working on the PvE part of this game, and I think Overwatch players felt that because we eventually stopped creating content for it .

It’s been maybe two and a half years since the last hero we launched, and we don’t want to go back to the point where it’s another three and a half years since we launched a PvP map. So we took a really hard look at what we were actually doing.”

The PvE campaign was touted as the main reason Overwatch 2 had to be made, and it’s finally being canceled altogether after more than four years of intensive development. Instead, there will be story missions that will be added gradually, like various events in Overwatch 2. It will probably be something similar to Fortnite, but we’ll see if it’s deeper and more extensive.

In Overwatch 2, PvE missions will be called Hero Missions and will gradually expand the story of the game starting from Season 6. At the same time, co-op missions will also come in this seasonal style.

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