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Season 2 of “Overwatch 2” by Blizzard Entertainment,Wednesday, December 7, 2022Start from.

In Season 2, “Ramatra” will be added as a new tank hero, but a development update video that reveals the backstory of Ramatra has been released.

A revolutionary whose goal is the welfare and survival of his compatriots.

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Originally a monk, Ramattra became a revolutionary and leader of the Nursector. Gavin Jurgens Fearley, the lead narrative designer who handles the story part of “Overwatch”, talks about the character background.

This time, he talked about the rough background of Ramattra and the reason why he hired an English voice actor, but he said that a short story scheduled to be released in the future will depict the founding of Null Sector and his friends at the time of its founding.

Overwatch 2: Development update of the latest tank hero

The Origin Story, which depicts the creed of Ramattra in greater depth, the transition of the design with two forms, and the video introducing the gameplay, are summarized in a separate article, so please take a look at that as well.

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