over 200 thousand lines of dialogue. It’s the most handcrafted title ever for Bethesda, says Todd Howard

Starfield definitely stole the show during the Summer Game Fest. Great was the expectation around this new game from Bethesda, as it will take us into a future to be discovered. The title, in fact, will provide us with an entire universe to explore, with over a thousand planets available. It is certain that this detail has caused quite a bit of perplexity, also given the experience the players had with No Man’s Sky, at least at launch..

Todd Howard wanted to reassure fans, first of all stating that Bethesda has already used the procedural system in the past.. In fact, at least in regards to the environments, Howard said: “We make a lot of use of procedural creation in Starfield, but I’d like you to keep in mind that we always have. It’s a great piece of Skyrim in terms of quests and other things we do. We generate landscapes using the procedural system, so in a way we’ve always worked on it“. Howard also assured that their system is capable of delivering the variety it would take to create 100 solar systems..

What, however, Todd Howard wants to make it clear, is that these procedurally generated content will be the outline of the main experience offered by the new game from Bethesda. In fact, Starfield is the most handcrafted title ever for the team. “I must also add that we have done more things by hand in this game, in terms of content, than any of our other titles developed so far. We are over 200,000 lines of dialogue, and if people want to do what they usually do in our games, follow the main quest and do missions, you will see what you get from us. But you also have this whole other part of ‘Well I’m just going to explore this planet which will provide me with some gameplay and other random content.“.


According to Howard, the philosophy is to say “Yes”To the player, using procedurally created elements to fill in corners otherwise unreachable by the developers. Finally, Todd Howard also stated that the team made sure that this procedural content is recognizable by users. Howard said: “We are careful in saying ‘That’s where the fun is, where is this kind of content’, but also saying yes to the player and ‘Do you want to land on this strange planet, explore it, create your outpost, live your life there and watch the sunset why do you like the view of the moons there? Go, do it. We love this kind of thing“.

A lot of content, yes, but also a lot of attention to small details.

Starfield is in development at Bethesda Softworks exclusively for Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X and PC, with a release date set for the first half of 2023.. Bethesda said it has been working on the title since 2015 and that the latter also had priority over highly anticipated titles like The Elder Scrolls 6 and Fallout 5!

The title, says Bethesda, will be a mix of Skyrim and Star Wars, and will guarantee a decidedly vast world, and glimpses of this world we can already admire thanks to the wonderful artwork shown by the software house. This visual splendor, of course, must be accompanied by a high-level sound sector. Bethesda explained the work in this regard in a dedicated video.

Like the game world, the variety offered by pure role playing will also be important. In fact, we will be able to impersonate any type of PC, even the “bad guys”. It will be present, by a good title Bethesda that respects itself, the possibility to choose between first and third personand in the game we will find several alien species.

In addition, there is also an easter egg in the trailer that he may have anticipated the map where The Elder Scrolls 6 will be set! In the meantime, the first artwork on the game has come out, showing us the beautiful cities of Neon, Akila and New Atlantis, and we will also be able to explore the Milky Way.

The title will also focus on a strong narrative component, employing as many as 300 actors and almost triple the dialogue we saw in The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim! Unfortunately, this ambitious narrative could be the main reason why Starfield will probably not present the dubbing in Italian.

Source: IGN