Outlast Trials will attempt this along the lines of Sons of the Forest

A cooperative horror game for players that will be known as differ from their předchůdců for singleplayer, coming soon.

The Outlast Trials will be out on May 18, 2023, after many delays, but not as a full version, but in the formě Early Access. They will try to imitate the highly successful Sons of the Forest, for which this approach paid off.

The announcement from Red Barrels came about in an unusual way:

Last fall, a closed test took place, which reportedly provided them with valuable data and feedback, thanks to which they could improve the experience.

Ať už if you decide to take on these challenges aloneě or in a team, you will be a test mouse trying to go as far as possible to complete your therapy. Then the game out of its clutchesů will release, but the question is whether you will still be the same hunter…

In the world full of mistrust, fear and violence, your morality will pass these tests, your endurance will also be tested. and mental health. All in the name of progress, science and profit. Stealth-based gameplay should be an absolute must, as well; such as the use of various tools and hiding. You have to use every opportunity to escape or slow down your opponents.