originally it had to be very different and for some even better!

Final Fantasy XV is certainly a huge title. Square Enix is ​​known, has made Final Fantasy its workhorse, it is a series that has been going on for generations and that continues chapter after chapter to capture. Not only thanks to cutting-edge graphics, but also for stories that make the heart beat faster and settings that are nothing short of magical.

Either way, Final Fantasy XV is a legendary title that fans have loved and also a blockbuster for a very long time. But today we are here to tell you a behind the scenes, the title originally had to be very different from how we know it now. and for some even better. If you are curious, stay with us and rest assured that you will not be disappointed!

Final Fantasy XV originally wasn’t quite as we know it!

Today’s news is quite interesting, because I will try to describe a reality that unfortunately (or fortunately) has never been realized. Let’s go in order though, because after reading the title you may have been confused by the situation!

It all stems from a statement concerning the developer of Deus Ex: Human Revolution Eidos Montréal. If you are new to the game, we recommend that you retrieve it as it is a must-have that many players love to madness.

Anyway Eidos gave us an interesting anecdote, as he worked on the famous deleted version of Final Fantasy XV before Square Enix decided to shut everything down and consequently return the development to his Japanese studies as per the tradition of the saga.

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No more chatter, Jonathan Jacque-Belletête, former artistic director of Eidos Montréal, said his studio has been working on a spectacular version of the game. That’s right, you got it right apparently the first Final Fantasy XV project was something really fabulous according to the man and that’s not all, because Jacque also indulged in some specific statement:

“We tried to bring Final Fantasy XV to life. Then they decided to bring it back to Japan, and I think it was a big mistake on the part of the company. Many don’t believe it but it’s still the truth: our game was really, really fantastic “

In short, if it is only a boast dictated by the bitterness of having seen a large production like Final Fantasy taken away, or whether something new and fascinating at the same time was really being created is not known. One thing is certain though, not having the slightest draft in hand and having to rely on our imagination alone leaves us with a bad taste in our mouth!

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However, it is not the first time that this game is mentioned. The first reports come from 2018 when the YouTuber known as Super Bunnyhop reported the existence of the project.

Even then there was little news about it, the youtuber had stated that it was a space opera RPG with a strong western appeal. The whole thing wasn’t much more complete than a simple game design script with some concept art topping it all up.

Certainly the premises, however, were many and who knows, maybe one day someone will indulge in more succulent details.

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For now, however, it is enough for us to console ourselves that after all, it didn’t go so badly and the definitive version of Final Fantasy XV is a game capable of capturing even the less accustomed to the saga, immense and with deadly gameplay. As always, we will give you an appointment at the next article, confident that we will soon have some new gems to bring you back!