Online every seven days to be able to play Extra and Premium

An alternative verification system, which will require connection every seven days

The renewed formula of PlayStation Plus will include three levels of membership, as you probably already know: the basic Essentialthe median Extra and the top subscription, Premium. Well it seems that these last two subscriptions will require periodic verification, which will therefore require subscribers to connect at least once every seven days, in order to be able to continue playing.

A system with which PlayStation Plus intends to keep all subscriptions well verified:

The news comes from the blog PlayStationwhere the following is reported in the FAQ: “When I’m offline, can I play the games I downloaded from the catalog that offer PlayStation Plus Extra or Premium / Deluxe? Yes. However, when you play a title downloaded from the PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium / Deluxe plan catalog, you will need to log in to PSN every seven days in order to validate your membership and keep access to the game. “

A system that is not very invasive after all, much less than the infamous “always online”, and which should not give room for objections – after all, games must be downloaded from the network, so it is not an excessive request to connect at least once every seven days; the rest of the time you can safely play offline. However, it is still advisable to keep this fact in mind, especially if you have to face situations of absence of the network for more than a week.

The same care will not be necessary for the games included in the plan PlayStation Plus Essential, which will never require any verification, just like with the service currently available in a single solution. Of course this could appear as a limit to some, and undoubtedly it is in its own way, but it is an easily circumvented limit – if the line is missing, just tether with the smartphone, connect the time necessary to verify and that’s it.

This is likely an extra security measure to prevent misuse of the subscription and its licenses. I repeat: in any case much, much better than the always-online solution, which at the slightest line problem could ruin your gaming experience causing no small amount of frustration – and being frustrated by a game that should distract is, in my opinion, the greatest sin that a “game” or a “game console” can perform.

What do you think of this solution? You will take out a subscription PlayStation Plus Extra or Premium / Deluxe? Or would you prefer to test the ground of the formula first Essential so as to be better informed if the more expensive formulas are worth the extra cost or not? Tell us in the space dedicated to comments.