Online casino bonus in Italy: + 24% for operators

Market of spending of games growing in July: + 24% compared to July 2021. Let’s see what is the percentage increase and how the best casino bonuses work.

Good time for the operators which with 160.4 million euros spent in the seventh month of 2022 see constant growth since last year. We are talking about 24% more than the 129 million euros in July 2021 and 4.9% more than the 154.9 million in June. In short, online casinos work great and bonuses from Italian casinos they are an indispensable incentive for enthusiasts. The best online casino bonuses, in fact, make the difference and many are the users who approach the platforms on the net enthralled by the offers made by the various gambling sites in our country.

The board games always great attraction

Online casinos have always been on the rise. We have seen it with these latest data but the experts speak of an improving trend in the next 10 years. Table games are, with the best casino bonuses, the most popular and the most played table game is, of course, poker. Poker is the real protagonist of live tables, that is, a real revolution that brings what is the experience of real casinos closer to the virtual one of online casinos. Live tables have a cam bet on a live dealer who is working on a real green table with real cards. The players, on the other hand, find themselves comfortably at home on the PC or with their mobile devices and interact through chat talking to each other. Definitely a different way to experience the online casino.

Even the roulette are the protagonists of the live tables. The French game, with a history that began in the eighteenth century, is one of the most played ever. Probably the idea of ​​playing a game of chance, in which there is a ball that has to touch a segment of a spinning wheel, is very fun and not very strategic. Even those who love to play slots have the same idea of ​​the game: a player who allows himself to be helped only by fate and who has to do nothing but wait to understand if he has won or not.

Best casino bonus: the one that most closely resembles the way we play

We understand, however, that the real engine of the growth of online platforms are the many bonuses that are provided by operators to be able to conquer the largest slice of users. We do, however, pay attention to two things: the first is that the sites are legal (and you can check it on this list here which is located on the website of the Customs and Monopoly Agency, the state body responsible for verifying remote gaming) and the second is to inquire about the terms and conditions of the offers.

In fact, it may happen that there are wagering requirements too demanding for the way we play or a maximum time to receive the offer too short. Taking a closer look at the regulation will allow us not to have unpleasant surprises and to be able, in an exact way, to understand which promotion is the right one for us. What seems clear to us, in fact, is that each bonus is designed, in most cases, for customers who have different game views. In fact, let’s see specifically the many types of bonuses that can be found on online platforms.

The various types of bonuses present on online casinos

There are various promotions among the best casino bonuses and they are all different to be able to interest a different audience. Among those that work the most we cannot fail to mention the casino welcome bonuses which are divided into two categories: i no deposit bonus and those on the first deposit. No deposit bonuses are virtual credit or free spins that can be used without having deposited money into your gaming account yet. In the second case, however, the credit or free spins can be used after the first deposit of money.

These promotions are those dedicated to new subscribers but there are many bonuses that concern users already registered on the platform. We are talking about bonuses with a code that must be redeemed after a certain amount of play or money spent, weekly or monthly bonuses or VIP bonuses, that is, bonuses that are paid out for the most frequent customers or those who have spent the most money. A type of bonus that is very popular is the cashback bonus, that is, a refund that is given by the operator if some operations are not successful.