One player has defeated each boss with one hit

A feat that sounds impossible

The cross and delight of the titles of the stack of Elden Ring is, always, the difficulty of the game, designed to offer an always high level of challenge, which requires the player to know every single enemy well before being able to face them safely. A game in which the most difficult enemies only need a few well-aimed blows to knock us out, and in which to knock out those same enemies we must inflict a large amount of carefully placed blows. Well, apparently, it is possible to reverse this dynamic.

An Elden Ring player has in fact created a PC capable of defeating every enemy in a single blow:

Thanks to the totally new open world structure for the games of From Softwarethis is the first original souls-like in which it is actually possible to deviate from the original path to take advantage of the thousand opportunities that the title offers to enhance our character gradually, facing moderate challenges and leaving the most difficult for when you are better prepared to face them .

In this way the player of Elden Ring known on YouTube as BushyGames created his fearsome character, leveraging his vast knowledge of the largest souls-like ever made. He thus created a character capable of defeating any enemy (excluding the bosses forcibly divided into several phases) with a single hit. The company was then mounted in a video of about 50 minutes in which the steps to replicate the build are explained. It is not a short job to make such a character, but once you have done the game it will appear much simpler compared to the beginning.

This build requires the collection of many materials necessary for the maximum enhancement of each individual stat. The author’s goal was to create a build capable of defeating any enemy of Elden Ring in a single shot, all without ever taking advantage of the immoderate power of the Comet of Azur. A long undertaking to accomplish, which requires enormous patience, but which ultimately pays off the effort expended. You can view the video in question, obviously narrated in English, in the player available at the bottom of this article.

Meanwhile in the recent past Elden Ring has known, on Steamthe digital gaming platform of Valve up PCthe first major collapse of the players – evidently the “wow” effect of the launch is fading and if the studio wants to keep the attention of the players high, it will have to innovate the formula, with DLC or other unreleased content.