One Piece: the author of the volume that collects all the manga in trouble. Shueisha: “was not authorized”

There could be a doubt, now dispelled. Ilan Manouach, the artist who has decided to collect all the volumes of One Piece in a single book of almost 20Kg, could be in trouble. His project, proposed as a limited edition work of art and for sale at the stratospheric price of 1900 euros for each of the 50 pieces created, could have bothered Shueisha a lot, the Japanese publishing house that publishes Eichiro Oda’s works.

As reported by The Guardian, in recent days Keita Murano, a spokesman for the publishing company, would have expressed some doubts regarding the legality of the work. “Monouach did not ask us for permission” inform the spokesperson “This is an unofficial product for which JBE Books has no publishing rights. JBE Books, for the uninitiated, is the publishing house that published Manouach’s work through his website. However, the rights for the translation and distribution of One Piece on French soil belong to Glénat. According to Shueisha, therefore, there would be the means to accuse JBE Books and Manouach of piracy. Ironic, don’t you think?

JBE Books is ready to respond to the accusations, which defends itself by claiming that that made by Manouach is a work of art reproduced on a limited scale and that, however, it is not possible to accuse them of breaking the rules. Because? Because the format chosen by Manouach makes it physically impossible to read the manga itself.


Even more, JBE and Manouach argue, ONEPIECE (without the space between the two words) it would represent a criticism of the modern attitude of web usersget used to downloading everything and more without actually enjoying it. A dig at the culture of quantity over quality represented “plastically” with a physical object.

Climbing on mirrors? Perhaps. It certainly needs to be clarified how Shueisha and Glénat intend to act against JBE Books and Manouach. The artist, in the past, tried to make a mirror work to Maus (the visual novel by Art Spiegelman) called Katz which, in essence, replaced Spiegelman’s mice with cats. The dispute ended with Manouach forced to destroy Katz copies of him.

About One Piece. World Odyssey is expected to arrive in January. On Amazon it is already possible to book it!

Source: Anime News NetworkThe Guardian