one million units sold in early access

The latest unexpected phenomenon on Steam is called V Rising, a base-building survival action RPG starring vampires. The first surprised by the success of the title has been its own development team, the Swedish company Stunlock Studios (Bloodline Champions, Battlerite), which little expected that a week after releasing the title through early access it would have sold one million units and registered a peak of 150,645 simultaneous players.

“I wasn’t expecting this many people at all,” Jeremy Fielding, Community Manager at Stunlock Studios, tells IGN. “I don’t think anyone trusted it to be that big.” The development team has been working on V Rising for about three years, but the first time the game was shown was in May 2021. Not much attention was paid to the title at the time, something Fielding understands considering that it was it was a new intellectual property in the hands of a small studio. The situation began to change last March, when the game came to players through a closed beta.

“People just want to play. When you hear about the concept it is difficult to understand what it is. We have a very unique game that is difficult to explain; we say it’s a vampire survival action RPG set in a dark fantasy world,” adds Fielding. The community manager acknowledges that it is a very general description that the brain can process in many different ways.

Looking ahead, Stunlock Studios is working on expanding all of the V Rising base systems. How remains to be seen. Fielding explains that the studio is listening to the feedback from the community and seeing what players do in an open world that offers many possibilities. The team will adapt, but they also have plans in place that include expanding and improving the content. end game. Fielding says that Stunlock Studios has a design philosophy that each game system affects the others.

Right now the Swedish study is busy ensuring that everything works correctly and that goes through solving connectivity problems. There are a lot of people who want to play V Rising and sometimes the servers can’t process all this traffic. The game also awaits around 12 months of early access, during which time players will receive updates that add new biomes, dungeons, weapons, spells, and enemies, as well as more decorations, building plans, and features.

Among the latest novelties of V Rising we find the option to play offline.