One fan threw 1,000 punches a day for two years in anticipation of the manga’s return!

We know how much Hunter x Hunter is expected by fans. The manga created by Yoshihiro Togashi has entered the hearts of many people, and many awaited his return. Yes, because the manga had been on hiatus for several years, until a few days ago the hopes of his return were rekindled.. One fan in particular, however, has decided to show his gratitude towards the manga and its creator, until his return, in a very particular way.

The YouTuber Totsugeki Tarue, in fact, had started, in 2020, a series of videos where he threw 1,000 punches a day. The videos were titled “A thousand karate punches of gratitude a day until Hunter x Hunter resumes serialization“. The initiative also reflects what the character Netero did in the series where, as a young man, he trained by throwing 10,000 karate punches. Tarue also began this journey precisely to show his gratitude towards Togashi and his work.

Many fans, in fact, had expressed their disappointment with the manga and its long break, in some cases exaggerating. Tarue, as stated to the microphones of Maidon News, has carried out this initiative as a sign of solidarity. “I wanted to offer a positive topic while negative news about Mr. Togashi kept coming in all the time“, he said. Over the years, Tarue’s punches have gradually improved.


To celebrate the possible return of Hunter x Hunter, Tarue threw 10,000 punches during an 11 hour live show (video at the end of the article). And despite the good news, Tarue confirmed to Maidon News that he will continue to throw punches in gratitude for Togashi. In short, an initiative of all respect.

What do you think of it? Tell us, as always, in the comments! We remind you that the anime is currently available on Amazon Prime Video with dubbing in Italian.

Source: Kotaku