on Steam Deck is already “verified” and will be available at PC launch

Insomniac Games confirms 3 days in advance that Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales will be playable from its launch also on the portable Valve Steam Deck!

There are now only a handful of hours before Spider-Man Miles Morales is launched on PC (the launch is set for November 18th). The Insomniac Games game, which continues the trend dedicated to Marvel wall climbers, will not be confined to just the mouse and keyboard world but will also be available in portability. Just like many other PlayStation games that will be released on Steam, Morales will also be available on the Steam Deck. Insomniac has announced that the game is already “verified” for the device.

This was announced by Insomniac Games, which shared an update about it on its Twitter profile, limiting itself to a concise but explanatory “Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales is verified on Steam Deck.”.


This ‘tick’, which will also appear on the title’s Steam page, certifies the perfect functioning of this port also on the Steam Deck hardware, the various input methods, the default graphics settings and so on.

A recognition that demonstrates in advance the great optimization work carried out by the Nixxes team, but which is almost obvious after the already excellent reception of the first porting for Spider-Man Remastered, which has been extremely solid and performing since its launch.

In short, in case you dreamed of taking spider-man even outside the home thanks to the miniature PC created by Valve, well now you know that it will be perfectly possible.

Recall that Spider-Man: Miles Morales will be released on Steam starting November 18, a date revealed last month with a dedicated trailer!

Source: Insomniac Games